What is Sarahah and Why is it Trending?


From the past week, what was that you noticed as you scroll down the Facebook Newsfeed? I’m sure Sarahah caught your eye! Wondering what this is about? It is a simple app to message one another anonymously. Like Prisma which was trending among the masses for a few months, Sarahah has also emerged. We cannot exactly tell if it will stay like Whatapp or will fade away in a few weeks like Prisma. However, at the moment, Sarahah is getting a great reach around the globe.

How does it work?

Create a profile in Sarahah that anyone can visit. People can view your profile and leave messages, anonymously, even if they aren’t logged in. They can tag their identity if they want to by logging in. However, by default, the messages are anonymous. The receiver will have incoming messages in the inbox from which he/ she can flag them, delete, reply or favorite the messages.

Scope of Sarahah:

Though popular, this app is polarizing. It may have got 10,305 5 -star reviews. Yet, on the other hand, it has got 9,652 1-star reviews. This shows us a 50-50 opinion split. The developers at Sarahah tell us that this app will help people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback.

This may even make people hurt others by being anonymously frank. There are some positive reviews also that state that this app is not for the weak hearted(Check out App Store).

Some privacy features include removing your profile from search results, limiting your audience and turning off access for unauthorized users. You can enable just the logged in people to comment for you. Blocking senders is also possible in Sarahah.

It cannot be mentioned as the first of its kind. We have had experiences with anonymous apps like YikYak, Secret and Whisper. But, it has its focus more on messaging rather than on social media sharing. Let’s wait and watch if Sarahah stays here for long!

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