Weird Restaurants in India

weird restaurants-india

Weird Restaurants – Restaurant businesses, like any other industry, look out for ideas to engage customers. On the other hand, customers love dining out. But, how out dining in a place as weird as a prison or a graveyard?

Here are some weird restaurants in India that give you a totally different dining experience:


Hijackk Restaurant

 Hijackk is a kind of restaurant which involves a double decker mobile bus to serve food. The objective of such a unique construction is to render a distinct experience of dining while roaming in the bus for 40-45 km. A route map is also provided on the back side of the ticket. It is present in Ahmedabad, Surat, Chennai, and Rajkot.



Inspired by space, the idea of this restaurant is not only a tummy treat but also gives you a spaceship experience. The waiters here with space suits serve drinks in monikers. The tables here are rocket-shaped, giving you an unusual yet unique experience. This restaurant is housed in Bangalore.


New Lucky Restaurant

 Have you ever had a thought to dining in a graveyard? Weird right! But, if you really want to know how the experience would be, try out the New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmadabad. Sir, chat and eat with your friends and family in a graveyard amidst the coffins.


Nature’s Toilet Cafe

Ahmadabad houses yet another weird restaurant that is toilet- themed. Sounds extremely disgusting right? More than twenty lavatories and urinals of the 1950’s style is placed in this toilet garden cafe. Outside the loo, there’s a sign board that contains the sign “Haash!” Want to give a try?


Kaidi Kitchen

 Indulge in the food crime at Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai to get treated by waiters wearing the police dress and the others in prisoners’ dress. We bet you will get the feeling of being in an Indian Police Station. Next time you are at Chennai, remember not to miss this place, guys!


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