Vivegam Official Trailer Review | AK 25


Vivegam official trailer was released yesterday and it surely boosts up our expectations towards the film. Scheduled to release on August 24, the musical album of Anirudh for this movie is already a hit.

Editor Ruben has got hold of what Thala fans expect from Vivegam. This has carved the trailer that brings us to the edge of our seats. Ajith is seen in the role of the head of an anti- terror organization. Vivegam appears to mark Thala’s 25 years in Indian cinema.

As you see the trailer, you can make wild guesses as follows. Vivek Oberoi who plays the role of rogue-agent searches for his old friend Ajith. Kajal Agarwal plays the wife of Thala and Akshara Hassan makes her appearance now and then in the trailer. We aren’t able to figure out her role in the movie. Vivek Oberoi debuts in Tamil film industry through Vivegam.

Ajith, who even when defeated several times, gets back to battle with full confidence and courage. That’s the theme of the movie. We can totally relate this to Thala’s real-life too!

The script of Vivegam was told by S Siva (the director) to Thala when the latter was recovering from a knee injury caused on the sets of Vedhalam. Initially, Siva had a doubt of how Thala would play a series of stunts in the movie considering his health condition. But, he now regrets that feeling!

Thala has taken Vivegam even more seriously and has focused on physical fitness to his maximum. With six- pack abs and bulged arms, Thala rocks each frame of the trailer in style.

Over 100 crores have been spending to film Vivegam and the trailer says it is worth it! At the end of the trailer, we find Thala telling us that we will see his rage in the movie. Yes, Thala, we are equally waiting to see your rage, in style!

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