Top 7 Must Try Andhra Hotels in Bangalore

andhra hotels-bangalore

To all the south- Indian foodies, here’s a guide for you if you are a spicy Andhra cuisine lover. Rice, dhal, spicy gravies, papads, tasty sambars and hot pickles comprise a plate of Andhra meal. The spice- filled masalas with their own authentic taste and aroma add a specialty to this cuisine. The best andhra hotels you must visit in Bangalore are as follows:

Meghana Foods near Jyothi Nivas College

Meghana foods is crowded all the time and the reason is obvious. They have the best Andhra style dum biriyani in town. Though a bit pricey, you will never regret after to taste the dishes.

 Nandhana Palace- Kammanahalli

If you prefer a simple Andhra style meal, then this is your destination. One plate thali consists of  White rice, gun powder, ghee, akkurapappu, vepudu, sambar, rasam, majjige pulusu, perugu, fried chillies, appalam, special pachadi, gongura pickle, mango pickle, and a sweet. Non- veg menu is also present and you can give it a try.

Nagarjuna Restaurant

This restaurant brings in the real taste of Andhra meals. Must- try dishes here are the spinach gravy and Anjali fish. Meals are totally reasonable in cost. Rather than a plate of biriyani you can try prawns in this place.

Bhagini Deluxe- Marathahalli

Food lovers need to travel to the outskirts of the city to taste 300 odd dishes of Bhagini Deluxe. Every bowl is something that you will want to come back again and again.

Bheema’s- Church Street

You can taste some legendary Andhra meals here. The specialty here is that a meal is not complete without a plate of Chicken 65 as a side dish.

Royal Andhra Spice- RR Nagar

Want a yummy biriyani treat? Then, this restaurant gives it all. Right from ambiance to food and service, Royal Andhra Spice gives you utmost satisfaction. Don’t miss out the Andhra Carrier meals at this place.

Rayalaseema Ruchulu- Indiranagar

This place is named after Rayalaseema in AP. You can find all the flavors of Andhra cuisine here. You must try out the Ragi Sangati (Ragi Balls), Paya Soup, Nati Kodi Polsu, Payasam, and Ulavachuru Kodi Pulav.

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