Top 10 companies to work for in India

top 10 companies-india

There are 15.27 lakhs registered companies in India. But, not many are employee and career-friendly. Here are the top 10 companies that you can work for in India.

1.Google India

It is a well-known fact that Google has one of the best company work cultures. It tries hard to bring in fun activities to motivate a good working environment. You must have seen images of Google offices and got awestruck at its infrastructure. Who wouldn’t want to work in a place like this.


The total strength of this company is 842. In 2015, RMSI was ranked the best company to work with adhering to its amazing work culture. RMSI is a US based company that is into IT services mainly geospatial.

3.American Express India

With 11,000 employees, this organization has an account of 90% young employees. AmEx takes care of employees the way they want it to be. There are so many physical and mental training sessions and fun activities to the betterment of employees.

4.Marriott Hotels India

Employees aren’t called so here. They are called ‘associates’. On special days like birthday, the company gives allowances for staffs to dine with 6 and get a glance of hospitality.

 5.SAP Labs India

With 4844 employees, there are many reasons why this company is on this list. The workplace environment, flexible work timings, healthcare policies and personal aids are what attracts employees to work here.

 6.Godrej Consumer Products

Godrej is a 118- year old company. The brand has always been talked off for its quality. An approachable leadership team and flexible nature of work have made them sustain in this list.

 7.Intuit Technology Services

This company is fourth in IT industry category and third among companies supporting women to remain at work. There was a 29% increase in gender diversity ratio, last year. Employees are valued in Intuit Technology Services.

8.Accor Hotels India

With around 20 branches in 92 countries, Accor is one of the best places to work. By 2020, there are planning to have 80 hotels in India. Accor gives employees a caring and respectful work environment.

 9.Ujjivan Financial Services

The company has no hierarchy or designations here. No job titles in visiting cards. Even the CEO has an open door cabin that’s open for employees.

10.The Oberoi Group

The most admired brand Oberoi won the title ‘Aon Best Employers India- 2016’ award for its amazing work culture and employee satisfaction.

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