Terminator 2 Judgement Day in 3d | Reviews

terminator 2

With superheroes and high-octane chases, Terminator 2 Judgement Day comes as an action filled movie that is seminal and iconic.


The Terminator released in 1984 revolves around a cyborg that comes from the future, 2029, to Los Angeles in 1984.  After evil Skynet blows up the world, John will lead the resistance. John is the son of Sarah Connor who is killed in this cyborg.

No one can play this role and suit it so well than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The warrior of the future was played by Linda Hamilton as Kyle Reese. She is seen in the 80’s hairstyle.

To give the perfect sequel, Terminator 2 exceeds expectations by giving bigger and better action sequences. The story goes on good till the end in a new directorial angle. The film doesn’t limit with just action, there’s a lot of humor and emotion too.

Terminator movies generally contain adrenalin-fuelled chases on vehicles like bikes, cars, trucks, and choppers. There is one such satisfying explosion scene of a truck that carries liquid nitrogen.

Critics are around the air about the casting of Joe Morton, the black actor as the creator of Skynet. There is a feeling that it is contra- casting.

With some serious SFX movies in this decade, a movie like a terminator with all its action sequence does justice. The fun moments with John teaching T800 to be human and Dr. Silberman is worth laughing out loud.

On the whole, don’t read much about this Terminator series. Watch it and judge with a thumbs up or down!

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