Teacher Fired For a ‘Perfect Moustache’


There are many weird news around the world and this seems to be crazy saying that a Teacher Fired For a ‘Perfect Moustache’. This may sound a little ridiculous, but actually, it is true! Haseeb Ali Chishti, a Pakistani teacher was sacked from the school he was working, Do you know the reason? It is because he has a mustache and that’s said to give “liberal ideas” to students.

You may be wondering what a mustache has to do with one’s job status. But, this bizarre incident took place in Pakistan where a teacher was sacked from work because of this.

When the media asked Chishti regarding this, he said,“So I was hired right before the school term started. I taught for a week before finding out from another colleague that the school directors are looking for my replacement. When I confronted them and asked the reason why I was being replaced they replied that after seeing me in school with my liberal appearance (I questioned what they even meant) they were afraid the female students might become inspired by me. I thought being inspiring is part of a teacher’s job but evidently, here they meant they don’t want their young girls to be inspired to do something indecent. I reminded them of my two years of teaching experience before but they insisted that I was too young and good looking enough to distract their students. At that point, I thanked them for showing me their true mentality and left their office. In that environment, I wouldn’t have lasted a month so overall, it wasn’t that bad. I just take things in my stride.”

In his Facebook post, Chishti said he sees the school owners being proud about their conservative outlook. He also added that the funniest reason for firing him from the job was that his mustache would distract the girls and faculty of the school.

There were a lot of comments for his post. One of them said,  “Even if the child is never thinking of something like that, such administrative authorities themselves encourage and highlight this other side.” Another strong comment that we noticed was, “Now you see why men don’t have decent mustaches anymore? Our society is unable to handle ‘awesomeness’.”

Chishti said that there should be more openness in schools, in general. He is a theatre teacher, encourages his students to be expressive and creative. He currently helps at Theatre Wallay, an Arts and Theatre collective in Islamabad. This firm is working towards starting up an Arts school for underprivileged students in Islamabad. This will give them knowledge about basic literacy, numeracy, life and art skills (carpentry, Bharatnatyam, theatre, and music etc)”.

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