Samsung Galaxy J5 – The Latest Review 2017

galaxy j5

What’s the admirable thing about the latest Samsung Galaxy J5 smart phone? It’s segmentation! The most successful J series from Samsung is speculated to give the best value for money.

The screen is 5.2 inches diagonally and this fits between the 5-inches of J3 and the 5.5 inches of J7 phones. This phone is said to be better than J3 and not as good as the J7. This year, Samsung J5 receives the Exynos 7870 SoC.  This is a 14nm chip with octa-core CPU. The quad-core Snapdragon 410 powers this phone.

While J7 has a full HD screen, J5 has a 720p screen and this is acceptable as it has a smaller diagonal. As in J7, there is no always-on display is J5. There’s some waste of AMOLED in it.

Comparing the RAM of J7 and J5, J7 has a 3 GB RAM in all its incarnations and the latter has 2 gigs. But the Pro version of J5 matches its big brother in RAM capacity. The international version of this phone supports just 16GB of storage and yes, this is less.

Samsung J5 inherits the camera properties from J7 and not from J3. The body design overall is identical with a fingerprint reader too.

Some shortcomings on Samsung Galaxy J5 are :

  • Low base storage for the international version at 16GB
  • the micro USB port is getting outdated
  • Slow charging
  • Always-on display is unavailable

We cannot consider the dedicated microSD slot as a substitute for decent internal storage. As far as charging is considered, it is a bit annoying too. The selfie camera in Samsung Galaxy J5 is good as long as the distance for the fixed focus is ideal. There is a front flash too in case you have to click a picture in pitch darkness.

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