Roger Federer at the US Open – 2017


Roger Federer – US Open

Juan Martin Del Potro lifted the US Open 2017 with such an applauding and heroic performance. Roger Federer was left stunned in four sets to reach the US Open semi-finals.

A lot of supporters at New York were thrilled by his performance. Rafael Nadal who beat Andrey Rublev, the Russian teenager was also faced off by Juan in style.

So, what’s Juan’s win to do with Federer? It is yet another US Open where Federer and Nadal have never played with each other.


At Flushing Meadows, this is the sixth time that the pair is meeting for one match. Their clash on semi-finals has always made headlines in the tournament. Though all these speculations are going on, we cannot deny the fact that Del Potro played an epic five-set win over Dominic Thiem. This was a thrilling victory indeed.

Federer, when questioned about it, said, “I honestly was only thinking about tonight.” Del Potro shared that, “”My head didn’t even wander during the match. I knew it was going to be a tough one.”

We all know that Del Potro was the one who beat Federer earlier in 2009 in New York for the Grand Slam title. After eight long years, Juan again blew to Roger on the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Activists state that Del Potro’s biggest weapon is his forehand. His backhand was hampered in the recent years due to four wrist surgeries. But, he is completely back to form now!

After the evasive action from Del Potro’s forehand at the net, Federer’s evening came to an end. The night was for Del Potro after four years of his Glam Slam semi-final win. Del Potro also said, “I don’t know what the turning point was, maybe I got lucky. I can’t believe I am back after all my injuries and surgeries.”

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