Reviews on iOS 11


Iphone 11 gives an extraordinary experience on iPad. All the focus on the new features of iOS 11 is concerned to the tablet. It is built for a bigger screen. Here are some features and reviews on the new version update.

Improved multitasking:

The new update brings in the feature of multitasking overview screen. This makes it easier to view all your open apps and with just swipe, you can dismiss them. It has the capacity to remember how you have grouped apps together. You can also switch between different spaces.

Drag and drop:

Another improvement to the productivity in the new version is the drag and drop feature.  The drag and drop sit alongside the improved multitasking. This feature wasn’t present in the previous versions.

Notes and apple pencil:

One can draw over screenshots soon after capturing. Marking up PDFs is also possible. To take you straight to the notes, double-tap on the lock screen. One can also mix text and sketches in a single note with inline drawing.

Updated control center:

This is one of the best updates of this version of iOS 11. The three-paned grid layout has been replaced by an odd mixture of different-sized shapes and bubbles.

The app store:

An overhaul of the design was suggested even before the release. Everyone expected a modern view instead of the same old gridded view. But it wasn’t satisfied with this version.

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