Reliance JioPhone Prebooking Registrations Paused


Due to millions of requests pouring in for the new JioPhone from Reliance, the company has paused its pre- booking registrations as of now. If you have already ordered, do not panic. You will be able to check your order status, anyway.

The overwhelming response that the phone has been receiving is the reason behind the sudden decision of this company. We understand the above from the company’s recent statement, “Millions have pre-booked the JioPhone. We will inform you when pre-booking resumes.” This 4G featured phone is so demanding. Yet, we aren’t aware of the number of people who pre-booked the phone.

The company has asked people to register their interest towards the phone though the pre booking for the phone is not possible. To pre-book the phone, one has to pay Rs. 500. Another Rs. 1000 should be paid during the delivery. But, as of now, you will not be able to do it. Though the next date of pre- booking is unknown, the first batch of the phone will be on sale in September.

Those who have already booked the JioPhone can dial 18008908900 in order to check the status of the phone. You will have to share your mobile number with which you registered the JioPhone. Once you complete this process, you will be able to view the update on the status of your phone. MyJio App will also be useful if you want to check the status. Click on the My Vouchers section in the MyJio App to view the status. But, the phone will not ship until September.

Jio Phone Cost and Specs:

Though the JioPhone is marked as ‘free’, it does have a cost. As you know, you will pay Rs. 500 for pre-booking. After that, you got to pay Rs. 1500 as a security deposit. This amount is said to be refunded after three years. At the time of delivery, you have to pay Rs. 1000.


The plans on JioPhone have been set up. Rs. 153 has to be paid with 28 days validity. Users also receive 500MB data per day through this plan. It is a 14 GB plan overall. There is a 7-day plan which costs Rs. 54 along with a 2 days plan that cost Rs. 24. These plans offer unlimited free data. Furthermore, voice calls and SMS are free according to this plan.

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