The Most Recommended Mediterranean Diet and the Reasons To Choose it

mediterranean diet

You might have heard many of them stand for Mediterranean Diet. Are you unaware of what it is? A Mediterranean diet is one of the most recommended healthy ways to eat. It consists of lots of healthy fats legumes, whole grains, fish and moderate amounts of wine.

Here are some reasons why you can choose this diet to stay healthy:

No need to worry about calories:

No need to calculate the calories of your meal plan. It is just about choosing the right fats from the bad fats. Choose olive oil instead of butter. Rather than red meat try out fish. Eat fruits, not sugary sweets. This way, there’s no need to count calories.

Only Fresh Food:

Instead of going with frozen food that is too complicated to cook and digest,  choose a yummy Greek salad made of simple ingredients like black olives, spinach, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

The best slices of bread:

Include whole grain bread that is filled with rich proteins and minerals. Neglect the white flour ones. Pita bread dipped in olive oil, tahini or hummus is one of the best bread you can happy on a daily basis.

Say ‘Yes’ to fats:

It is a ‘Yes’ to right fats. Nuts and olives have good fat and help the body against cancer and diabetes. It is not only about nutrients, these foods are tasty too.

A large menu to choose:

There are so many items you can choose from. Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Morocco dishes. Chickpeas, okra, spices, fresh fruits to mention a few.

Wine is fine:

As dining is social most of the times in the Mediterranean countries, it is common to have a glass of wine. It is good for the heart. The red wine is better than white.

With this Mediterranean diet, you need not have to stay hungry at all. The menu of this diet is framed in such way that you stay fit by not starving.

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