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Rain Wrecks Bengaluru – “The common people pray for rain, healthy children, and a summer that never ends” was a famous saying once in the medieval ages. They didn’t know what damage a seasonal rain can do to the lives of common people. Who better than the Bengaluru people can stand as an example?

Poor water channelization proved to be a problem of a bigger magnitude than anyone expected in Chennai when the rain raged in 2015 and now it’s nothing but the same in Bengaluru. The detrimental rain havoc haunts the city for more than a week now.

Bengaluru has recorded heaviest rainfall in the last 115 years. Meteorological bodies state that the city received 1,620 mm of rainfall this year so far and the city has been hopelessly raining on 46 days in the last 60 days. What’s even worse is that the rain gods are still hovering over the city’s clouds and will be showering them with perennial rains till October 20.

The casualties of the rain rampage has been reported as high as 16 lives and many livelihoods. The residents of a 600-family apartment at Yelahanka are stuck indoors for a week now as the water from the Yelahanka lake has overflowed.

Apart from the rain and overflowing water on streets, the potholes on the city roads are a major point of concern and has costed around 3 lives in the city so far. Bike riders and other pedestrians vent their anger over the infrastructure woes.

The political parties take a dig at each other at the time of adversity of the commoners. The BJP state president, Yeddyurappa started off a word war at Siddaramaiah, CM of Karnataka blaming him guilty of the deaths for his poor infrastructural management in the city. The chief minister too had his jab with his statistical reports of allocating ₹800 crores immediately for the rescue. While the state government and other official bodies claim that without for the lake management in the city, the entire city would be awash in water.

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