What next for Priya Prakash Varrier

priya prakash varrier

Priya Prakash Varrier became the most Sensational Internet queen just for the attractive wink she gave in a song. She is a Malayalam actress and she informed media that she is not going to do any roles in any of the films till the end of the year. She informed in the Instagram post. Oru Adaar love is the movie earns fame for the actress which is scheduled to get released in the month of March. By the end of the last week a clip of a song from the movie has been released in which her expression wins the heart of many. The song starts like Manikya Malaraya Poovi.  Its has to be appreciated that people could also accept new faces. She said that she is still working for Oru Adaar Love so she couldn’t perform any other roles for some time.

priya prakash varrier

In Priya Prakash’s Instagram account, she said that she choose a small role in a film with an instinct role which is very different. She said that she was selected initially for a small role in the film but after the massive hit she is said to play a major role in the film. She said that she doesn’t know acting and it was the training of Mr Omar Lulu sir her director who made her act. It was his training that the Winking and Gun shoot which turned her a great success.

priya prakash varrier

She was interviewed with NDTV and said that the action was just done spontaneously and she never taught that this simple clipping of the film ill reach this extent. In the clip she flirts with the boy studying with her and he melts down by her wink. She said that the director wants to take something  very cute and special between her and the hero so he told her to do the eyebrow and wink action. Priya told him that she would try the action. This is how the work happened.


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