New Features in Android Oreo

android oreo

Android Oreo has been behind the curtains for quite some time. Let’s see the features of this version as I/O 2017. There is more than one reason to feel excited about Android O.

Background Limits:

Battery life is of much concern and lots of power is consumed by the background apps that are running. In Android O, broadcasts, background services, and location updates and the like are being controlled, therefore consuming lower battery.


Even though you are working on other apps, videos can be watched on a small virtual screen. Apps will be set the picture-in-picture mode by themselves.

Notification channels and dots:

Autofill APIs:

Save time with this feature. Your password manager apps can team up along with the Android OS and act as a third- party keyboard.

Adaptive Icons:

Depending on the manufacturer’s preference, the developers can access differently shaped icons for apps. This is the Adaptive icons feature

Better Keyboard navigation:

There is a better keyboard navigation in this version. More users are now navigating to apps with a physical keyboard, says Google.

Wide color gamut:

Google confirms that the developers of imaging apps will be able to create better use of high- end displays. The OLED panels are widely becoming known and handsets with this feature can easily support wide color gamut.

Better Audio:

Sony’s LDAC codec is going to be set up in Android Oreo. The audio of the current Bluetooth A2DP will be improved by this. AAudio is also being set up to improve low- latency audio.

Camera App Improvements:

The rework on camera app is going on. As a result, a double-tap feature to enable 50% zoom is present. You can also switch between photo and video modes rather than the swiping options.

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