Nemanja Matic signs off from Chelsea to Manchester United

Manchester United

Nemanja Matic’s signing off from Chelsea is currently the most trending news among the Football lovers from all over the world. Manchester United is happy about welcoming Matic to the team by signing him informally on a contract of three years.

A transfer fee of 40 million euros is to be paid by Manchester United to Chelsea on account of Matic’s shift. This will unite Matic with Jose Mourinho, yet again. Mourinho is recognized to have brought the midfielder to Stamford Bridge, earlier in 2014.

Statements from the club’s official website, ‘Nemanja is a Manchester United player and a Jose Mourinho player. He represents everything we want in a footballer; loyalty, consistency, ambition, team player. “I would like to thank him for his desire to join us because without that, it would be impossible to have him here. I am sure our players and supporters will love him. A big welcome to our new No.31.”

Matic strongly believes and intends to repay the faith of Mourinho and also seeks that the management supports him to make him better.


In Matic’s words, “I am very happy because we will work again together. He is a great coach and, when I worked with him before, he always took the best from me and I improve if I work with him’. He also added, “When the coach wants you to come to the club, it gives you more motivation, more possibility and I will try to… not try, I will, for sure, give my best to show that I deserve to be in this club and part of this group.”
Earlier in 2009, Matic was associated with Chelsea when Benfica bought him in 2011 for 21 million Euros were involved in bringing him back in 2014 by Mourinho. While this was happening, the Midfielder was becoming an integral part of the title winning team of Chelsea in 2014-15.

Matic is looking out for a lot of exciting matches in the forthcoming days and to you football fans, stay up right there to witness those magical Manchester moments.

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