Mercedes Benz – Robot Car

mercedes benz

Mercedes Benz Robot Car

Mercedes benz are sold over 5 million by the end of the current year. The automatic cars trending in this fast moving world. In the midst of this the famous German car company- Mercedes Benz has  declared that  the robot car is going to get launched by the year 2021.

mercedes benz

The company is making intensive R&D about the automatic and the connecting cars in the research lab situated in India. Indian research centre is the biggest on among every other outside Germany. The Dalmiers R&D head Ola Kallenius said that the companies like Amazon, Google, Nvidia and Microsoft are playing the major role in the build of the model to become more Intelligent.

Mercedes Benz Built

The works are done vigorously and four mega trend is being implemented that are — autonomous drive,  connectivity, different types of shared mobility and services and finally electric drive told by Kallenius TOI at the Consumer Electronic Show. Mercedes Benz User Experience(MBUX) and the inbuilt technology is revealed by CES in the very same meet.

mercedes benz

The voice-system can be interacted by saying “Hey Mercedes” then the artificial intelligence and speech recognition will be transformed to accessible technology. From the beginning the interaction between the tech and the car company is carried out and many ideas are popping up because of the Intelligent minds interaction.

That is the reason why next to the companies like Bosch and Magna the companies like Nvidia,Intel will also be listed told by Kallenius. With the Intelligence system being built inside the car and the improved technologies it behaves more than what the normally designed versions. The first business case involves that the car would behave like a Robot Taxi that drives the car.


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