Life lessons from Oviya | Big Boss Tamil


Oviya, the Big Boss Tamil contestant has won million of hearts by her honest attitude and child-like nature. Being one among the underrated actresses of Kollywood, no one ever knew that she is just a darling. Here are some life lessons Oviya taught us!

 Love Thyself

While many of us are expecting others to show us some love, we hardly remember one person who can surely love you! Yes! It’s you! Oviya reminds us to love ourselves. Don’t confuse it for selfishness. It’s just about self-love!

Try Diplomacy

Explain things to others in a diplomatic way by putting yourself in their place. In one of the episodes, when Oviya tried diplomacy in explaining Gayatri, a fellow contestant about her behavior, the later abused her harshly. Oviya walked away courageously realizing that the drama was not worth her time.

Be You

Some people assume being ourselves is an old school. It’s not, actually that! Whoever you are, a king or a pauper, be who you are! Right from asking for Banana to comforting your enemy and expressing true love, Oviya was herself!

Never Give Up Self Respect

While all the other contestants were pleasing each other to earn a name and mingle with the troop, Oviya was distinct. She did try to gel with the rest. But not at the cost of losing her self-respect. She doesn’t give a damn about anything else then!

Backstabbing? A big ‘no-no’

Whoever it is, do not backstab. That’s the worst thing a human can do to break trust. Oviya’s brave posture when Kamal Hassan played the video of Julie backstabbing her is an example of how you can be when you are always true! She has never spoken a word behind anyone’s back. Next time you have an issue with someone, talk it on their face not behind their back!

Apologize if wrong

Made a mistake? Figure out what really happened, realize it, apologize and never repeat it. Your standards don’t go down dude, it just gets higher! Oviya reminds us about this.


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