Legal case filed on Gayathri Bigg boss Contestant


Gayathri has developed a huge number of anti-fans after her behavior with the fellow contestants in the Bigg Boss house.  Her harsh tone and bad- mouthing of some house -mates is triggering anger among the audience.

The latest news goes like this: Gayathri has used the word ‘Cheri’ in one of the episodes which have led to a legal case being filed on her.  ‘Cheri’ refers to the community of people residing in the slum areas. She has compared a fellow contestant’s behavior to that of slum people. This instantly aroused anger among the viewers of the show.

According to the news reported in The New Indian Express, Kamal Hassan, Gayathri and the channel members have not apologized for misusing the community’s name.

Krishnaswamy, the founder of Pudhiya Thamizhagam party has sent legal notices to Kamal Hassan, Gayathri Raghuram, and Vijay Television. He is demanding a compensation of Rs.100 crores as Gayathri referred to a community in particular in a derogatory manner. This has caused a lot of hatred and has hurt the people of that community. Mr. Krishnaswamy says that at least the channel should have edited the part of the episode before telecasting.

The Majority of the viewers are also against Gayathri Raghuram in this matter. She has used many other abusive phrases also in the past one month. Viewers are waiting to question her for more than one reason when she’s back from the Bigg Boss house. Definitely, a difficult time for her when she’s out!

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