Is it Lara Croft or White Saviour Barbie in Tomb Raider ?

tomb raider

Tomb Raider – Are you aware of White Saviour Barbie? She set Instagram on fire last year. She asked, “What better way to bless the villagers than a fresh coat of paint?!”. She replied for the same saying, “Many of them don’t know the calming effect that just the right color can provide. I’m just doing what I can to help these huts become homes”.

Being so popular recently, a movie about White Saviour Barbie has been made. Alicia Vikander plays the lead in this movie. The movie is named as Tomb Raider. Anyone who saw the trailer can easily infer that this movie is about White Saviour Barbie. Some quick comparisons for that are being done.

The movie may revolve around a young white woman who gets tired of trying to fend for herself. She decides to gallivant all over the world with her parents’ buck. We infer this as the trailer has a scene where a character, not white women though, tries to convince her parents of how much she wants the fun adventure to be dipped in and out of.

Though named as Tomb Raider, the movie depicts much about White Saviour Barbie. Micheal Fassbender plays as Alicia Vikander’s partner in the movie. Some say the movie is Gap Yah due to its plain and simple nature.

After the experiences of watching Tomb Raider movies in the past, we can clearly say that Vikander is not playing Lara Croft. The later is a bored-looking woman with a suspicious accent. There worst ever music is put up in the background.

All these are just assumptions from the trailer. We are yet to hear the two sacred gap year mottos-   “They don’t value life as much here” and “These people have nothing, but they’re so happy”. Let’s wait to see if the movie is certainly about a simple girl who saves the world.

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