Know about Pongal festival – 2018

pongal festival

Pongal festival is a four-days-long harvest celebration in Tamil Nadu, a southern part of India. For as long as people were planting and gathering meals, there was a few shape of harvest pageant. Pongal festival is one of the most crucial popular Hindu festivals of the year. This four-day competition of thanksgiving to nature takes its call from the Tamil phrase which means “to boil” and is held inside the month of Thai (January-February) all through the season while rice and different cereals, sugar-cane, and turmeric (an essential component in Tamil cooking) are harvested.

Pongal festival dish :

pongal festival

Besides the main ingredients of rice and milk the substances of the sweet dish ( pongal ) include cardamom, raisins, green gram (cut up), and cashew nuts is added to prepare mouth-watering dish. Cooking is executed in the sunlight, usually in a porch or courtyard, as the dish is dedicated to the sun god, Surya. The cooking is performed in a clay pot that is embellished with coloured styles referred to as kolam. Pongal has  versions, one sweet and one savoury. The dish is served on banana leaves.

History of Pongal festival :

pongal festival

Every Indian festival has lot of legends connected to it and Pongal is no one-of-a-kind. Originated as a Dravidian festival, info of Pongal being celebrated are inscribed in temple in Tiruvallur and in Aandal’s ‘Tiruppaavai’ and Manickavasakar’s ‘Tiruvembava’. Dated again to the Sangam

Jallikattu :

pongal festival

Jallikattu has been recognised to be practiced at some point of the Tamil classical period (400 – 100 BC). It turned into commonplace some of the ancient people Aayars who lived in the ‘Mullai’ geographical division of the historic Tamil country. Later, it became a platform for display of bravery and prize cash turned into introduced for participation encouragement. A seal from the Indus Valley Civilization depicting the exercise is preserved within the national Museum, New Delhi. A cave portray in white kaolin found close to Madurai depicting a lone man seeking to manage a bull is envisioned to be approximately 1,500 years antique


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