Jimikki Kammal- The Most Trending Feat

jimikki kammal

On account of Onam, the Mohanlal- starrer Velipadinte Pusthakam released its single song, Jimikki Kammal. Currently, it is taking its rage in Kerala and Tamil Nadu!

Onam is the harvest festival in Kerala and is celebrated with excitement and zeal all over Kerala. In fact, Malayalis around the globe celebrate this occasion with much enthusiasm.

To a matter of fact, Onam is celebrated by Tamilians too with equal glare and pomp. To confirm that, Jimikki Kammal feat at Thiruvananthapuram has the equal effect on Tamilans too!

So, if in case, you aren’t aware of what Jimikki Kammal feat is about, it is a video created by a bunch of college students for the song from Megastar Mohanlal’s film Velipandinte Pusthakam. As of now, the video has to receive more than 2 million hits on Youtube.

More than the Kerala crowd, it seems that this song is enjoyed more by the people of Tamil

Nadu. With beautiful women dressed in traditional Onam Sarees, the dance for this song makes us get addicted to it. Several memes and parody videos for this song were shared on social media by many Tamilians.

Sheril is the one who leads the group in this video. She has gained a huge fan base with this song. Sources even say she may be interested in acting if she gets a good offer.`

If this song is on your mind always and you have become Sheril’s fan, we would advise you not to watch the troll videos.

To watch Sheril’s dance click the link here :

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