India’s First Electric Sport bike arrived

electric sport bike emflux

Emflux Motors Launching India’s First Electric Sport bike in the 2018 Auto expo. Emflux motors is the startup in Bengaluru launching the first sport bike works out of electricity in India. The bikes launched in the expo will be advanced and the build of the bike is almost done. The Co-founder of Emflux Motors Ankit Khatry informed CarandBike that the model has been already despatched to get launched in Auto expo. He also informed that the Bike will be displayed in Hall 08 of the Stall E16.

Emflux Motors Design:

The highest speed of Emflux One will be 200kmph and accelerated in  3 seconds to about 0-100kmph. The power and peak torque capacity of the motor is 71 bhp and 84Nm and the torque is limited to about 75 Nm. The design, Installation and assembling the vehicle are all done in-house of the company.

The battery capacity is 200 km and it is purely depends of how the bike is used for ones journey. The Emflux model 1 bike will be for sale from the beginning of 2019 from the experience centres located at Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. The price ranges anywhere between 5-6 lakh. The centres are planning to provide bike for ride by inviting the customers.

The bike can be bought only by online digital payment system. The model 2 bike’s launch is planned by the company which has the similar specification of the model 1. The difference is the naked sport design which has to implemented and the two battery ranges with different variants. The bikes are also for sale International countries like Canada, Australia, mexico and Europe. The Co-founder announced that further details about the launching of the bike will be informed during the auto expo.


Emflux electric sport bike Specifications:

Powered by Samsung Lithium Ion 9.7 kWh high power cells

60 kW AC induction motor (power limited to 53 kW)

Brembo brakes with dual-channel ABS

Ohlins suspension

electric sport bike ohlins

single-sided swingarm

smart dashboard with artificial intelligence capabilities

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