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Around 80 Indian service businesses in Federal Republic of Germany generated integrated revenues of €11.4 billion and employed a complete all the employees in an exceedingly company or country of 27,400 in 2016, per a examine.

According to the study, guide by Bertelsmann foundation, Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) and EY, supported interviews with main Indian CEOs — conjointly declared between 2010 and 2016, Federal Republic of Germany became the second largest receiver of Indian FDI in Europe with ninety six comes (U.K became the primary or most significant with 265 projects).

Note: Top players in these sectors square measure Tata Steel, Hindalco industries and Sona Autocomp. The Indian IT trade accounts for a revenue share of September 11.
The top sectors for investment within the European country embody Automotive trade, Metal and Metal process trade, skilled, technical and scientific services, Chemical and Pharmaceutical trade, Electro technics and Manufacture of machinery.

Approximately eightieth of the CEOs surveyed aforementioned get entry to invention and generation had been very vital within the choice to place cash into Federal Republic of Germany..

The advantage of German corporations, will like this development through accelerated integration with the large Indian market, access to the innovative potential of Indian corporations further on the big pool of Indian professionals.

Since 2010, near one hundred forty major investment comes by Indian companies had been initiated in Federal Republic of Germany. This enclosed FDI further as mergers and acquisitions.

As on date, 45 of all Indian investment comes in Europe were created within the United Kingdom. Federal Republic of Germany came in second with 17 November of those comes, it said.

The study found that Indian companies in Federal Republic of Germany generate nearly seventieth of the turnover in labour intensive sectors like metals and automotive.

However this trend is witnessing a slow shift. Access to sophisticated product and therefore the complete “Made in Germany” are vital factors that influence Indian Industry’s call to speculate in German corporations.



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