Hurricane Harvey and its after effects

hurricane harvey


Hurricane Harvey has caused a damage worth $150bn to $180bn says Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas. This has created more damage than Katrina and Sandy, the previous mega storms.

Harvey came ashore, first on the 25th of August and is now Texas’ most powerful hurricane in the last 50 years. This disaster has taken the lives of more than 47 people whereas over a million people have been displaced. Over 200,000 homes have been destroyed over 200 miles.

An initial $7.85bn for recovery works was asked to be paid by the Congress by US President Donald Trump. Mr. Abbott mentioned this as a “down payment”.

Mr. Steven Mnuchin addressed fox news regarding this and said, “Without raising the debt limit, I am not comfortable that we will get money to Texas this month to rebuild.”

The head of Fema (Federal Emergency Management Agency) called this as the “ray of hope”. He also added that the state and local officials also need to contribute their part.

People became refuges

The storm over Houston dumped more than 50 inches in a matter of days on that region. In order to encourage evacuations, there was a power shutdown in the city. Government barricaded the area and let military vehicles assist the evacuation process. The people residing near the reservoirs were told to vacate their homes as it was in danger of an upcoming flood.

There were around 37,000 refugees who stayed in 270 shelters overnight in Texas. Another 2,000 refugees stayed in seven Louisiana shelters. This is the highest number as reported by American Red Cross.

Around 84,700 businesses and homes were left without electricity on Sunday. When asked to Sylvester Turner, the Houston Mayor, he said there is progress on this issue and people are being aided with proper measures and headed to emergency shelters.

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