Heart attack and Cardiac arrest

heart attack-cardiac arrest

The blood flow is restricted to the other vital parts of the body and the heart stops beating unexpectedly is due to the Cardiac arrest. The person with cardiac arrest may die within few minutes if it is not treated properly. It is called sudden cardiac arrest because it happens suddenly and the affected person won’t have much time to express the pain and get treated and they could be saved only if they are treated instantly. Cardiac arrest is more severe than the Heart attack.

Cardiac arrest and Heart attack Difference

heart attack-cardiac arrest-image

Cardiac arrest and Heart attack are considered widely as the same but it is not the case. The difference is that the blood flow stops only in a particular part of the heart but, during the Cardiac arrest, the heart stops the whole functioning. It is an electrical problem which stops the pulse and the person will reach unconsciousness.

Heart disease common in women

The person who is already suffering from heart disease is more prone to the cardiac arrest. The history of people who has heart disease is high around the world. Cardiac arrest is very common in women. Women are the main suspects for the heart disease than the men.As per the report by a leading website about 4,25,000 women are getting a stroke and it is far below the men who are about55,000. Around the world, one in 4 women dies out of heart disease.


Women affected with heart disease between the age

Women are getting heart disease in two age groups. Age between 40-50 and age around 60. Both are risky ages to get heart disease. Age 40-50 lies there the menopausal stage and there will be hormone change and the pressure of work, family balancing.


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