Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter now part of G7 meet


G7 Meet

With the rising of online extremism and terrorism, the jihadists and the expansion of such anti-nationalist activities in the internet, the G7 meet(Group of Seven meet) has come to a point that they no longer can tolerate such activities spamming over the social networks.

The G7 countries for the first time ever, called upon the internet Web giants: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter, which of the 4 companies almost has more than half the globe in their platforms to bolster their shield against the linear expansion of extremism over the internet.

The big seven countries, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States that cumulatively represent more than 64% of the net global wealth along with the 4 most powerful tech mammoths sat over the table on the Ischia island of Italy this Thursday. Controlling the extremism, religious terrorism, and the anti-nationalist thoughts over the internet is the byword of the meet.

The first of its kind of shaking hands with the Web giants, G7’s host Italy quoted that “The internet plays a decisive role in radicalization. Over 80 percent of conversations and radicalisation happen online” to stress the impact. Though it is understood that majority of such activities happen under dark web, it is also true that social media is a bouncing platform for the bigots to spread hatred and irrational thoughts.

As a result of this meet, several accords were aimed to thwart terrorism. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft have agreed over a partnership, Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism. This treaty targets discarding any extremist content from the sites within a maximum of two hours from the time it is posted on the web.

The countries also promised their fullest support over the issue with Britain’s Home Secretary Amber Rudd requesting that the tech companies should go further and faster on sensing posts that offend and stop them being posted on the internet instead of taking it down later. He also stressed on the fact that the UK government is amending its laws to punish people accessing extremist material to be prisoned up for as high as 15 years.

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