Ghoomar On Ice – by Figure Skating Champion

Ghoomar on ice

Sanjay Leela’s Padmaavat has got a big box office hit were it is launched on January 25th and it is running Unstoppable. Theatres are overwhelming with the crowd. After the long issues faced by the protestors against the film the film is running successfully and Deepika padukone’s Ghoomar song is already a biggest hit in 2018 we know some days before itself.

Eventough the movie has lots of controversies the film has many beautiful scenes and moments which became the biggest hit. The songs are played wonderful and the dance performed by Deepika is graceful and looks good overall.

Ghoomar on ice

For the song Ghoomar Aparna Yadavs performance at NBA make the song reach everywhere. The latest entry performance for the song is Mayuri Bhandari the skating champion and she did it professional and with all grace and clarity. The “Ghoomer dance on Ice” by her is uploaded in youtube and her dance is great on the Ice rink.

She was wearing Ice skates and her costume is red and her performance is great which grabbed the attention of everyone. She puts her full effort to make the song more beautiful. She captioned her video as “In honor of the film Padmaavat’s release, here is my ice skating tribute to the beautiful song Ghoomar! As a Rajasthani, I skate to this song with pride!”. She uploaded her performance the next day after the release of the film.

It has got many likes and the video’s views crossed 17000 times in youtube.She has got many positive comments like she is really talented and her performance is terrific and Elegant dancing. Padmaavathi film makers received 100 million likes for the same song performance released earlier. Overall the the film is one of the best historic films that depicts the reality of the people who survived those days.

Ghoomar On Ice – Watch the video:


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