The First Indian Woman Inside The WWE Ring


Haryana based wrestler Kavita Devi is the first Indian women to enter the WWE ring. To surprise her fans, she fought with Dakota Kai, a wrestler from New Zealand at the Mae Young Classic. This is WWE’s first all- women competition. Though Kavita was the one who lost the game, she surprised everyone with her ring attire.

Yes, she wore a salwar kameez to the ring and this caught the attention of many wrestling fans all over the world. She is not a stranger anymore to the Indian audience. Right from The Great Khali to the reigning WWE champion Jinder Mahal, India has got a number of professional wrestlers. But, India has never witnessed a woman wrestler until Kavita Devi entered the Mae Young Classic tournament.

Kavita Devi participated in the WWE Dubai try out in the beginning of this year and left everyone awe-stricken with her impressive performance. She stood among 32 participants in the tournament.

Born in Haryana, Kavita worked hard and was trained into a professional wrestler. She was guided by The Great Khali aka Dalip Singh Rana at his wrestling promotion and training academy in Punjab.

Her fame raised when her video of wrestling against a woman wrestler BB Bull Bull went viral on all social media platforms.

The Vice President at Canyon Ceman has a few words to tell about Kavita Devi. She said, “Kavita Devi gave a strong performance at WWE’s 2017 Dubai try out. She is an athletic and extremely strong woman who demonstrated a solid grasp of the fundamentals of sports entertainment, and a passion to improve that will serve her well in WWE’s upcoming Mae Young Classic tournament.”

We are looking out to see many such Indian women wrestlers in future too!

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