What is Eight Queens Puzzle?

eight queens puzzle

Eight Queens Puzzle

Are you aware of the Eight Queens Puzzle? You can win in millions if you crack this problem! So, what is it all about? The game was devised in 1850. It revolves around the concept of challenging a player to place eight queens on a chessboard where no two queens can attack each other.

If you are intelligent enough to build a computer programme that can solve this problem called ‘queens puzzle’, then you eligible to win one million USD. This is an open challenge that seems impossible to crack, at the moment.

If no two queens should attack each other, then one queen must be put in each row. No two queens should be in the same column or in the same diagonal. Seems tricky, right?

This problem seems solvable by humans though. But, if the size of the chessboard is large, the computer program cannot solve it.

The researchers of the University of St.Andrews in the UK suggests that the programme that solves “queen puzzle” would be more efficient to solve any task that is now considered as impossible. For example, the decryption of the toughest security on the internet.

Computers cannot solve the puzzle if the chessboard reaches 1000 by 1000 squares. The programme cannot cope up with the large options and it struggles to solve it.

Some say that this is due to a process called “backtracking.” It is an algorithm programming where all options are taken into account and then “backed away” till the right solution is found.

Clay Mathematics Institute, USA is the organization that is ready to award one million USD for the one who solves the puzzle. Ready for the challenge, programmers?

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