Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather- Match Review

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

There are lots of difference in opinion among people for the match between Conor Mcgregor vs Floyd Mayweather. In the 10th round of their super-fight in Las Vegas on Sunday, the legend in boxing, Mayweather stopped the UFC superstar.

This match was expected to break all the records and exceed expectations. Yet, some of them were not overwhelmed about it.  One of the hot topics in the world media, currently, is McGregor’s performance.

To everyone’s surprise, McGregor was commented by Mayweather in a positive way. He said McGregor was “better than I thought he was” on his debut in boxing.

The chorus of support for the Irishman was led by George Foreman, the heavyweight legend. He said that people who doubted him before the fight must ask sorry for sure.

To contradict to this, Andreas Hale wrote for Yahoo Sports expressed that McGregor was allowed with many “illegal moves”. Rather than blaming the Irishman for their prediction, he grudged over Robert Byrd, the referee. He just said it was awful.

Brett Okamoto wrote for ESPN that McGregor should be praised and respected for the fight he made, thereby elevating his star power to an extent. In his words, “If you bought in for the spectacle, you got more than you bargained for. And if this was your first McGregor experience, you’re probably thinking about coming back.” In the New York Times, John Eligon reviewed the match as a “moral victory” for McGregor.

Later on, Ben Fowlkes, at MMA Junkie, optimistically expressed that he was satisfied with the match and said “we got what we expected’. He also added, “This was curiosity leveraged for cash. It fed off our attention and grew so big that it attained a gravity all its own, which in turn only attracted more attention. That we also got an actual boxing match out of it, in the end, is just a bonus.”

Last but not the least, Mayweather said “Tonight, we broke the Pacquiao pay-per-view number. All I’m doing is breaking my own records.” That was truly what fans wanted from him!

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