Cheap ways to travel | Cost effective Travel tips

cost effective

To all the travel freaks out there, here’s some interesting piece of information for you. If you are too much inquisitive to travel yet are low on budget, then here are few tips to travel in a cost-effective manner.


Travel at off-seasons:

Ok! That’s not the best time for that place. Yet, it is not the worst too! You can always experience the place on a low budget this way. Offseason is a time when rates are completely cheap and affordable by all.



Last minute flight bookings are for the rich. If you want to save money, then once you plan your dates of vacation, book the tickets, well in advance. The earlier you book, the cheaper the tickets are! Choose the flights wisely.


Compare lodges:

Compare lodges in the place you are going to visit. There are a lot of apps to do so, at the moment. This way you will be aware of which lodge is cheap and best for you. It is better to select a hotel or room kind of stay option than a resort if budget is on your mind.


Eat wisely:

Never waste money on food while you travel. It is a must to taste the native foods of that place. Those foods would be completely affordable in most of the places as they belong to that city/ town. Never order unlimited food for some extra money and waste it.


Spending notes:

Yes. As and when you spend a vacation, note it down. Keep an eye on what you spend. This way, you will know if you are keeping track of the budget and also have an idea on how much money is left to spend.


Happy Travelling!


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