Bye Bye Cassini- The Final Photos


The probe snapped some awe-inspiring photos that Cassini took for 13 years in the Saturn system. After a deliberate plunge into Saturn’s thick atmosphere, the mission of Cassini-Huygens came to an end. This team members processed and released some photos for space fans to around the world.

Carolyn Porco, the imaging team lead from the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, said, “My imaging team members and I were especially blessed to serve as the documentarians of this historical epoch and return a stirring visual record of our travels around Saturn. This is our gift to the citizens of planet Earth.”

The narrow- angle camera of Cassini captured images that are made up into a movie of 40 minutes length. In this, Cassini was about 810,000 miles from Enceladus. This is exactly 1.3 million kilometers away. At the same time, it was 620, 000 miles from Saturn.

It spotted geysers blasting from south of Enceladus in 2005. Water and carbon-containing organic compounds were detected when the spacecraft passed through the spray. These components were later determined to come from an underground ocean. Survival of microbial life is possible there.

The gravesite of Cassini-Huygens was also photographed way before it met its fatal end into the Saturnian clouds. The Sept. 14 image of Saturn’s atmosphere was released and is said to be a composite. A natural-color view of this was created by Cassini’s spectral color filters.

Cassini- Huygens mission is actually a partnership among NASA, European Space Agency, and Italian Space Agency. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory had designed and assembled Cassini orbiter with the collaboration of scientists from the US, England, Germany, and France.

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