Body heat reduction remedies

body heat reduction
  1. Extraordinarily high consumption of room temperature or cold water

    drinking water-cool the body-heat reduction

Drinking water is the best solution to cool down body and heat reduction. A person should drink 3 litres of water per day to regulate the body functions properly. More water should be taken during the summer seasons to cool the body. The other way to reduce body heat is by dipping the legs inside cool water

  1. Tender coconut water

tender coconut-heat reduction

Tender coconut is the very best solution to cool down body heat. It is in the fluid form and it is very energetic. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and it acts in cooling down the body aggressively.

  1. Peppermint and mint

peppermint-heat reduction

Peppermint and pudina leaves has good cooling effect. It is a variety of spice that could be added to any king of drink. It could also be used with lemonade and gives good cooling effect.

  1. Fruits and vegetables

    fruits and vegetables-heat reduction

Cucumber, watermelon and vegetables should be consumed a lot during summer and when the body is heated up. These fibre rich foods has enormous amount of water content in it which cools the body.

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  1. Drinking milk along with honey

    milk and honey drink-heat reduction
    Drinking milk along with honey is very much beneficial in cooling the body. It work wonders when it is taken inside the body. Milk and honey is the enriching food that cools the heat.

  2. Sandalwood

     sandalwood powder-heat reduction

    Sandalwood is known for its many goodness. First of all it is the best natural deodorant and it cools the body in awesome way. Applying it on the body gives cooling effect. There is an Ayurvedic  belief that sandalwood work wonders in cooling the body.

  3. Pomegranate Juice

    Pomegranate1-heat reduction

    Pomegranate is the best remedy to cool down body heat. It is one of the great resources readily available in shops that work good. It can be mixed with almond oil and consumed for best results. It is suitable for all age groups.


  1. Vitamin C rich foods

    Vitamin C foods are experts in cooling down the body heat. Grapes,Lemon and Oranges should be consumed a lot during the summer seasons.

Experts say that caffeinated products and alcoholic drinks should not be taken together. These products increase the body heat. The foods that we take inside should not be taken very easily and we should always aware of what we take.
Vitamin C foods should be added to the regular life to lead a life without getting disturbed by heat.


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