Black Panther – Movie Review


Black Panther Movie Description:

Release date16 February 2018
DirectorRyan Coogler
Budget200 million USD
Production companyMarvel Studios
ProducersKevin Feige and David J. Grant

Kaushik Pal

Black Panther is one of those realistic superheroes, like Batman that will boost up the MCU rating. There is a chance where people might propel their superhero imagination to another level. Overall there are some game changing movie materials.

Some facts of Black Panther….

  1. Black Panther was the 1st black superhero in mainstream comics.
  2. Black Panther is a title given to the Leader of the Panther tribe of Wakanda.
  3. He is essentially the perfect hero.
  4. He has a Batman-Like tendency of defeat

black panther

Muhammed Aslam

Black panther a unique character in the marvel cinematic universe. I haven’t seen that movie yet but I am pretty sure that it must have hit the hearts of fans. According to the reviews that I have heard and read I got to understand that this movie has got something special and it is merely different from regular marvel movies. And also I can’t finish it without mentioning the thrilling action scenes of this film and it is something that undoubtedly making this film prosperous in its visual effects.

Ranjith Nair


  1. Boseman as Black Panther & Ruler of Wakanda & M.B Jordan as “Killmonger” aka Golden Jaguar are awesome as best.

black panther


  • Superb Cast & Crew
  • Well defined & Cultural Impacting story
  • Top Notch Quality
  • Intense Action Choreography

Cons: Sorry, BIG FAN OF MARVEL 🙂


Deepi Chanu

Black panther, a unique character with even more unique personality is a very realistic superhero. When you use the word ‘superhero’ you kinda feel it won’t be realistic but this one right here makes you feel that it can actually happen.This movie is more than you can explain in words, something more, something you can’t even imagine. Even tho I haven’t seen the movie I bet it will be awesome. Rotten Tomatoes just doesn’t give 98% to anything.

SUNART 12311

After the death of his father, T’Challa returns home to the African nation of Wakanda to take his rightful place as king. When a powerful enemy suddenly reappears, T’Challa’s mettle as king — and as Black Panther — gets tested when he’s drawn into a conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda.

black panther

Akash Aditya

The way a tribal warrior kingdom is represented, apart from its scientific advancement it totally awesome. The plot is good… as like Cap represents America, T’Challa does the same for Wakanda. Not a build over upcoming Infinity War though, but glad they didn’t. Too Good for a debuting solo movie.

sandeep kesari

High intensity action movie and one of top MCU movie according to screenplay and music and actors did great…..


  • good screenplay
  • best bgm
  • good acting
  • technology is stunning
  • story is good
  • good graphics


  • time is important factor movie must be some more time(for me)

Ojas Jain

I think that black panther wouldn’t just b cool but there also would b a lot of understanding in civics of how the government works, there also is no discrimination in the film. Other than that I think it would b cool,fantastic,breathtaking,awesome and would b the highest grosser of marvel

Jagmander Singh

black panther is a cultural movie, which will show that how a king protects his country wakanda and this will be a super movie  like Thor ragnarok ,I am so excited for this movie and it got good review , this is good for marvel !!!!!!!!!!!

Abhist Ayush

Black panther is the future of marvel because by this character and his advanced technology give a new revolution in marvel cinematic universe by this character mcu opens many new doors for him.

Black Panther – Official Trailer:


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