As am suffering from Insomnia


Insomnia! We promise that this is not some yet-another-interpretation of the Christopher Nolan drama. So, rest easy.

There’s high possibility that you may have not had a good sleep for some time now. Some might be dozing off even before the supper, but they are least of our concerns here. Around 55% of adults over 60 face the problem in USA. However, the young and teens are not an exemption from this. Doctors state that the ever racy mind with the advent of digital screen displays are one of the major reasons for this sleep deficiency. Let’s leave the reasons behind the insomnia, below we have 4 best methods to put you right off to sleep during the night.

Try staying awake

You must be reading this one again. But, it’s true. Challenge yourself to stay awake past the night and you know what, the mind rebels this automatically. The reason your granny advised counting number is the same. This method is medically referred as the sleep paradox. When you prepare yourself to be awake, your brain interprets this and the eye muscles automatically tire quickly.

Bath before bed

This is one of the most effective ways to have a peaceful sleep in the night. Bathing helps you reduce your body temperature. Also, this helps in relaxing your body and this in turn helps you in sleeping faster and peacefully. So, the next time you’re awake up late, don’t shy to take a shower. Even immersing your face in a cold water tub helps you to some extent.

4 breathes of 7 seconds

This is a very famous idea of Dr. Andrew Well. The 4-7-8 breathing technique is one of the most preferred immediate remedy in USA. Place your tongue beneath your upper front teeth, exhale the air inside you completely, inhale as much you can, hold the breath for 7 seconds and then exhale. Continue this for 3 or 4 cycles and the oxygen content in blood helps you sleep faster.

Darken your bedroom

Researchers say the more you expose yourself to the light, the lesser is your susceptibility to sleep. Try switching off all your lights in the room. This includes the blinks of your ever-charging electro gadgets as well.

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