69th Republic Day Celebrations -2018

republic day 2018

Republic day celebration

Republic day is an important occasion in the citizens life. Republic day has been celebrated to represent day the constitution of India which came in to effect. It happened on 26 January 1950. It is celebrated in the memory of India became republic. It is celebrated in schools and institutions and many other places by hoisting the flag and distributing sweets. Republic day parade is the most expecting moment and it is the largest one comparing with other parades. Delhi republic day parade is one of the large parades which lasts for three days. It happens on every 26th of January at Rajpath situated at New Delhi.

republic day 2018

This parade exposes the power of Indian forces and their strength. It also depicts the culture of the country. The parade starts from Rasthrapathi Bhavan along the way of Rajpath past India Gate. Two minutes silence will be rendered for honouring the sacrifices of the people who fought for the freedom of our country. It is practiced as the memory of the sacrifices done to make us Independent. By the end of the walk the president joins the parade.

republic day

First, president hoist the flag followed by the national anthem. President awards some of the important awards like Ashok chakra and Kirti Chakra. The awards are distributed for the one who proves their bravery and for the armed forces for their brave act. Army Navy and Air-force performs their parade in different forms of about nine to twelve. Finally the parade ends with the motorcycle riding. Indian Air-force shows their respect by riding the Jet and hoisting the flags while flying. Around 25 marches, bands are about 20,30 aircraft and cultural events. Not only parading but also representing the pride of all parts of the country which makes it very popular and inspiring.


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